Our products

Our company is versatile and experienced in several different industries and business areas. However, we take great pride in our unparalleled expertise in fragile goods of the highest quality, such as wooden chairs, plastic lamps, and hand-crafted furniture.
Throughout the years, we established several invaluable contacts in the furniture industry, and we can now confidently say that Guarana Logistics stands at the forefront of this field. From the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers of the furniture goods across Asia, logistics and transportation operations to our warehouses in Dublin, and finally, to your store, we can provide you with a fully-integrated supply chain management, customized to the needs of your business.

Wooden Chairs

Well-known to the local Asian manufacturers, Guarana Logistics has access to numerous factories in which wooden chairs are still being manufactured by hand and in line with the generations-old traditions. So whether you’re looking for a limited amount of high-end and unique wooden chairs or for industrially produced models, our suppliers are sure to provide what you’re looking for.

Plastic Lamps

While wooden furniture can often be considered a somewhat rare commodity, especially due to the fact that it’s more often than not produced by hand which can be a long-lasting and complex process, plastic lamps of the highest quality can be produced in large numbers and in an industrial setting. This is why plastic lamps are another type of commodity extremely popular with our customers and with years of experience in the business, we are sure that we can connect our clients with the most reliable suppliers and ensure the unprecedented quality of the goods they will receive.