Our Suppliers


Mostly based in South and East Asia, our suppliers have a substantial amount of experience in manufacturing and processing furniture for markets all over the world. They provide us with top-quality products which enable us to meet the very high standards of our customers.

One of our main suppliers, Ningbo Xinsheng Industry Enterprise, was founded in 2003 and has been in collaboration with Guarana Logistics for a substantial period of time. We’re proud of the relationship we’ve had with Ningbo and credit a great deal of our success to their knowledge of the industry and their overall efficiency. Their in-depth knowledge of the furniture business is something upon which we rely heavily. They have continued to make substantial investments in research and development in addition to improving the designs of the products which they manufacture.

Another of our essential partners is Interliner Agency. As mainly a transport company, they provide services essential to the smooth running of our business. Also located near Dublin, the Interliner Agency offers wide-ranging services in Logistics, supply chain management, Freight forwarding, and Liner Representation services which complement our own services in a comprehensive manner. Established more than three decades ago, the Interliner Agency has been able to maintain close relationships with all the major airlines and shipping lines throughout the world. The global boom in e-commerce logistics makes our relationships with Ningbo and Interliner even more important. Both have proven to be an indispensable part of our businesses and we hope for a continued fruitful and beneficial relationship.