About Us


Our Company

Take a look at the world of the new century – interconnected and integrated by a complex network of rails and roads immersed in the constant buzz of airplanes and ocean freighters, surrounded by a swarm of satellites. The sheer size and complexity of the endless network of connections and routes, dots and lines, had a profound impact on the global economy, shaping the never-ending flow of goods across the continents.

Guarana Logistics is here to provide an answer to the challenges presented by this emerging globalized business environment, to help our clients navigate through this complex network, and help them get their desired goods from the best suppliers in South and East Asia to the European markets. Aiming to provide fully-integrated logistics and transportation solutions for the new century, Guarana Logistics is constantly working to develop and adopt new technological solutions relevant to the industry and to further advance old and well-known practices that stood the test of time.

Based in Dublin and well connected with numerous suppliers and partners all over the world, our company strives to be at the forefront of the logistics industry. As a company specialized in the transport of goods such as wooden chairs, high-end lamps, and other furniture, we learned that the safety of the customers’ cargo and timely delivery should always be the top priorities! With the goal of providing fully-integrated supply chain solutions, we rely on the latest advancements in the logistics and transportation industry to coordinate our efforts and ensure unimpeded communication between our team members and customers which are often hundreds of kilometers away. Integrating packaging and storage services with transport solutions provided by our partners we always try to stay one step ahead of all the possible challenges and obstacles.

Our Team

Comprised of a number of talented and highly-skilled individuals, the Guarana Logistic team is constantly searching for new ways to improve our business, increase the efficiency of our supply chain, and ensure total customer satisfaction. At the heart of our team is our warehouse manager who is leading a small team tasked with developing strategies and business models that will increase the productivity of the company as a whole.

Our warehouse manager’s tasks include ensuring quality maintenance while simultaneously developing strategies with the purpose being to increase productivity and efficiency. He maintains a high level of efficiency at the warehouse thus contributing to ensuring the timely delivery of products. In addition to engaging directly in negotiations on behalf of our company and maintaining cordial relations with our suppliers, our warehouse manager also identifies potential expansion opportunities where necessary.

Among other tasks, our warehouse team is responsible for handling and managing the shipment of products, preparing and verifying shipping papers as well as executing the loading and unloading of products in a timely fashion. Inspecting products thoroughly on arrival and in preparation for departure is also an integral part of the tasks carried out at our warehouse on a daily basis.